Danburite (Pink)

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Pink Danburite specimen 

Length 46mm

Width 17mm

Thickness 15mm

Weighs 19 grams 

Danburite is a very high vibrational crystal that has the unique property of being able to link and open the Heart energies to the Crown energies, and then up to the 14th Chakra, above the head. This energetic connection enables one to reach higher states of consciousness easily, and profound spiritual experiences can occur. Danburite's energy is very pure, refined, and sweet. It can bring harmony to the emotional body and is very calming. It can also assist in healing and opening the Heart, and has a resonance with the Angelic Realm, enabling one to access the energy and guidance of the Angels.

Danburite would be beneficial if you want to experience deeper states of meditation, open and activate your upper chakras, and balance and heal your heart. It's also great for emotional support.