Smokey Quartz Elestial Enhydro

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Smokey Quartz Elestial with Enhydro bubble

Weight 514gms

Height  100mm

Width 95mm

Thickness 40mm

Enhydro is a trapped air bubble inside water within the crystal. These crystals are wonderful for moving stagnant energy, increasing energy flow and clearing blockages. 

Elestial is a type of formation of Quartz crystal, with natural terminations folding over a multilayered crystal. 

With a gently flowing energy, elestials are useful in grounding work, removing blockages and fears while balancing your chakras and polarities by opening your eyes to necessary change. Useful in overcoming emotional burdens, reducing stress, providing comfort and sustenance to your subtle bodies. Use this crystal in Past Life Regression to help you understand your karma and past life stories, working to give you an insight into the spiritual processes that are at work.

Known to lighten the heart, reducing the burden of sorrow while allowing one's consciousness to travel freely. 

Elestials can form in clear quartz, Amethyst but mostly have a Smokey appearance to them, so you can also consider the healing properties of the type of Quartz It has formed in.