Manifestation Quartz Pendant

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Manifestation Quartz set in 925 Silver

Height 56mm

Width 28mm

Thickness 18mm

Manifestation – Baby Within Crystal Properties and Meaning

Manifestation Quartz Crystals are also called “Baby Within” crystals. They are crystals that have smaller “baby” crystals completely encasedinside of them. Read more about Manifestation QuartzCrystal healing properties information and view the photo galleries below.

General Manifestation  – Baby Within Crystal Healing Information

For what and How Does One Use them?

Manifestation – Baby Within crystals have a special focus on the creation and “Manifestation” processes, however – they are far from one trick ponies!

Meditating with these crystals is one of the best ways to access, and utilize their manifesting powers. Quietly sit with them, and focus upon what it is you wish to manifest into your life. As ever, what you “need” will come easier than what you “want”. Communicate with the crystals using which ever technique you are most comfortable with. Be that visualizing, verbalizing, feeling or even placing the crystal upon a photograph of what you would like to manifest. Try not to restrict the manifestation process by way of laying down rules or methods as to the form that the manifesting process may take. Try to leave everything as open as possible – as the crystal may manifest exactly what you want in the most unexpected, and unforeseen way! Creating an elixir from a manifestation crystal is also very useful. It can very much turbo charge the entire process!

There is a train of thought that crystals can only run one “program” at a time, my strong feeling is that this is very much a human imposed limitation. Crystals can run countless programs simultaneously! An advantage of using a manifestation crystal is that once you have set the process, you then wander off and go about your business, and the crystal will be streaming out your manifestationprogram 24/7!

Manifestation crystals are very nurturing and helpful to use during brainstorming sessions in the early stages of new projects. They “give birth” to new and exciting ideas, all the while giving useful form and structure to these ideas – assisting you birth these projects into physical reality. In this way, Baby Within crystals also have mid-wife capabilities!


How to Identify a Manifestation – Baby Within Crystal

In recent years, unscrupulous types started cutting and polishing crystals that had Bridge Crystals (smaller crystals that are half in, half out of the mother crystal). Because the outside half of the Bridge Crystal had been effectively cut off, the remainder of the Bridge inside the Mother crystal was deemed by these people to be a “Baby Within”. On an energy level they are not. There was an explosion of this practice, and it is still going on. Bridge Crystals are a lot more prolific than Manifestation– Baby Within crystals, so these people looking to make a fast dishonest dollar.

Taken from Crystal Information.coml