Smokey Quartz Cathedral

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Smokey Quartz Cathedral from Brazil 

Weighs 275 grams

Height 7.2cm

Width 6.5cm

Depth 6cm

Cathedral Quartz Crystal Healing Properties:
Cathedral Quartz teaches the necessity of moving beyond individualism and into cooperative group growth, and to this end is excellent for group healing or creating spiritual communities. Used in meditation, it creates a safe, structured energetic environment to explore the higher realms. Cathedral Quartz can assist in maintaining spiritual growth and forward progress in ones life.

Cathedral Quartz History and Uses:

Cathedral Quartz is also  referred to as a Light Library or Cathedral Lightbrary (Lightbrury). Reminiscent of turrets on an ancient castle or cathedral, they can often look as if they are made up of many different crystals but they all form parts of one main crystal. These crystals hold a record of all that has occurred on Earth, by meditating with one of these amazing crystals it is possible to attune to the Universal Mind and access the Akashic records.